Web-Design, School/Work & More

Hi guys!

Soo, you might have noticed that A Bookaholic’s Paradise has gotten a new design. What do you think about it? I quite like it, but that might be because I am too blind and unable to be completely objective in my regard to the design I have chosen/worked on for my site. It took me hours and hours to choose the right theme and to customise the theme to my satisfaction. It is OK if you do not like it. Actually, I want your feedback. Is there anything you want me to change/add/remove etc.? Let me know in the comment section below, or send me an e-mail to a.bookaholics.paradise@gmail.com

School/Work: I have one more exam before the summer holidays and I am studying like crazy right now. Hopefully, I will pass the exam so as not to have to sit a retake come August. However, I cannot study all the time, not only because I would go crazy and the fact that that would be boring, but because I also work at a Lidl supermarket in Sweden. That is, I need to work my shifts so as to be able to pay my rent and other bills (#grown-up-problems). How about you guys? Do you have a summer holiday coming up, or are you working/studying all summer? – which is pretty much what I am going to do, aside from a few days here and there.

Summer is here! My favourite time of year and, so far, a sunny, hot, and beautiful summer it is. For about one and a half month or so, I have had super sunny days and about 25-30 degrees hot outside all days long. For Sweden, where I live, that is pretty amazing and something out of the ordinary. Something that I am really looking forward to this summer is a day-long cruise trip from Stockholm to Mariehamn and back again with my mum. The trip is a birthday present and a mother’s day gift all wrapped in one that I hope she will enjoy (she knows about the trip already = no spoilers here). We will eat a fantastic breakfast, do some shopping, and we also have a trip to a spa booked. I hope the day will be a success. I might write a post with an update on how the trip turned out if you guys are interested.

I am currently listening to A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J. Mass (the book/novella set after the end of her A Court of Thrones and Roses Trilogy. So far, I love it, even though nothing has really happened… By the way, reviews on books two and three in the trilogy, and also the novella will come in future posts – so stay tuned!

Until next time (not including future book-reviews), keep reading!

– Sofia Sundfors



Hi guys!

I know it’s been a long time since I posted any book reviews. Therefore, I posted a few today. I also have good news for the foreseeable future. I will post at least two book reviews a week. The reviews will be posted on Tuesdays and Fridays at 16:00 Central European Time (if everything goes according to plan).

If some of you want me to review a specific book, you can send your request(s) to the e-mail: a.bookaholics.paradise@gmail.com

– Sofia Sundfors