My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Synopsis: Adora Garcia isn’t interested in being the breeding vessel for some arrogant billionaire. She has plans for her life and they don’t include being knocked up by a man over twice her age. Her single mother cleans Tobias Bennett’s penthouse suite, so when Adora refuses his indecent proposal, he threatens to find a new maid.

Tobias needs an heir, but he’s not ready to settle down, and certainly not interested in love. He doesn’t have a plan until he sees the curvy brunette standing in his condo. Everything he wants, he gets, and he wants Adora. What he doesn’t expect is the rush of possessiveness that takes him by storm.

Will Adora give up her virginity to the ruthless businessman? Can Tobias open his heart after keeping it closed off for decades? (Amazon, Bred by the Billionaire Kindle Edition)

This book is: …OK-ish? It is not terrible, but it is far from great. It’s a book you can read if you don’t want to read something intricate or just want something to do to pass the time.

The plot is: repetitive and quite boring. The title is also (in my opinion) a bit crude for a story that is a bit more romantic than the title lets on.
The beginning is: intriguing.
The middle is: boring.
The crescendo is: … is there even one? Nothing really happens in the book.
The finish/ending is: rushed. I want more. I want a longer and more in-depth epilogue.

The characters are: boring.
The worldbuilding is: … I don’t know. Since one of the main characters is an architect in the making, I would have thought there would be some depth to the worldbuilding, but no.

Would I recommend this book? Yes/no? Why/why not? No, there are so many better books out there to read instead of this book.

– Sofia Sundfors

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