My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Synopsis: One goal: Hunt the demon that killed my family. Make that two goals: Survive.

Six months ago, Director Greene recruited me to the CGE to train to hunt demons.
Four months ago, I agreed to finish my first Phase in less than half the time.
Two months ago, I got bit by a vampire, almost died, and found out I have demon DNA.
Now… Demons aren’t the only thing I have to fight. Because I’m changing, and that changes everything. (Amazon, Breed of Envy Kindle Edition)

This book was: just as great as the first one… if not more so.

The plot: (pardon me saying so, but…) ‘The plot thickens’. Everything just seems to war with it-selves and others, while at the same time everything just seems to be the same as always. It’s okay if that doesn’t make sense, because it barely does to me either, and I just wrote it!

The beginning was: good.
The middle was: great.
The crescendo was: really good.
The finish/ending was: confusing, yet so very, very intriguing that I continued with the third book just minutes after finishing this one.

The language was: so much better in this book than that of many other books I’ve read in the same genre (excluding the first book in this series).

Would I recommend this book? Yes/no? Why/why not? Yes, without a doubt. However, depending on whom I’m ‘supposedly’ recommending a book to, I might choose a different book that better suits him/her.

– Sofia Sundfors

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