My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Synopsis: Jordan Parker is the only witness to a crime that has rocked the magical world to its core. While the capital crumbles around her and the races war against one another, Jordan seeks refuge in the forests around Wintra and comes face to face with a mysterious stranger.

Jordan is tortured by vivid nightmares of William’s past and struggles to harness her power, which is gaining in strength. Jordan’s past and present collide and reveal a secret that will change everything. (Amazon, Heart of Shadows Kindle Edition)

This book was: unbelievable! How am I ever going to be able to wait for book three? This book, along with the first book, have uncompromisingly taken over the shelf of my very best reads of all time! That is saying something since I’ve read over a thousand books; but this series, however unusual/weird/fresh has been unapologetic while taking over the first and second place! I’m in shock. I’ve just finished this book, and for those of you who’ve read it, you know what an ending this book has…. = Unf***ingbelievable! I WANT THE THIRD BOOK NOW!!

The plot was: amazing.
The beginning was: really good.
The middle was: intriguing and great.
The crescendo was: breathtaking.
The finish/ending was: heart-stopping, excellent and the world’s best and worst cliffhanger of all time!

The characters were: all very nicely depicted; they were dynamic and had lots of depth to them.
The world-building was: awesome.
The language was: impeccable, or perhaps I was just too engrossed in the story to register any of the faults there were.

Would I recommend this book? Yes/no? Why/why not? YES, YES, YES!! Without thinking twice about it! This book was excellent through and through. I don’t have any other words for this book (as well as the previous one) other than brilliant!

– Sofia Sundfors

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