My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Synopsis: Jordan Parker becomes an obsession for William, a man who believes she is the only being on the planet that can save him.

When Jordan goes on the run, it culminates in a bloody massacre where Jordan is the sole survivor. This forces Mr. Parker, the father who abandoned her before she was born, to appear and bring her into his world— a world filled with magic, wonder and danger. Through him, Jordan will learn the secrets of her birthright, what makes her power special and why she has suddenly become a pawn in a deadly war for power. (Amazon, Birthright Kindle Edition)

I loved this book right from the start, even though the beginning was quite difficult to understand at first. You couldn’t comprehend everything that occurred, but, your ignorance paved the way for a heavy feeling of suspense. I thought this book was superb, fresh and a great deal of much-needed enjoyment.

I absolutely love the plot to death. This book has a mysterious beginning, an excellent middle (the best part of the whole book in my opinion), a good crescendo (but it could have been a lot better) and an intriguing finish.

I also love the characters, how they are portrayed and how they are introduced throughout the book.

I didn’t have any problems reading this novel since the language was suitable for the contents of the book. Jensen is a very competent writer who manages to formulate her incredible stories into a cohesive and well-written bundle of words, sentences and paragraphs.

The themes, as well as the world-building, only complements the plot and work together beautifully and seamlessly.

I would without any doubt recommend reading this book. It’s fresh, alluring, lovely and full of suspense. However, you need to be prepared that the first few chapters might seem disorganized and/or slow, but, if you give the book a chance, you’ll be thankful you did so later on.

– Sofia Sundfors

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